Exterior Gallery

Exterior Overview

  • Sprinter 170 chassis fits into a standard parking spot and is the same length as a full size pick up truck
  • Reinforced steel roof racks carry up to 8 stand up paddleboards or other gear
  • Generator with interior on/off
  • Capacity to carry 40 gallons of water
  • Exterior 3 Hella off-road driving lights, plus a 22” light bar for making day out of night
  • Exterior manual awning
  • Exterior shower and gear washing station located in gear garage
  • Rear gear garage (separated from the main living area) for up to two bikes, paddles, other equipment, camping gear, outdoor kitchen supplies, etc. Measures 18″ deep by the full height and width of the vehicle
  • Front and back towing hitches (one we use for additional bicycles not stowed in the gear garage)

Detailed Spec List