Meet VANdal.

NOTE: If you were interested in VANdal…sorry… You’re a day late and about $100,000 short. ūüėČ VANdal sold on May 8th, 2016, but we’re leaving the site up as an idea bank. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions & be sure to follow our latest at TwoIfOverland.

VANdal¬†is the ultimate self-contained, mobile, multi-sport base camp. This Sprinter conversion van was 100% customized by¬†Outside Van¬†to create the perfect blend of rugged utility, optimal space utilization, and creature comfort. Whether you’re into paddle boarding, mountain biking, surfing, kiteboarding, hiking, or camping, VANdal comfortably accommodates two adults and a dog. A new owner could alter it to accommodate back seat passengers, but its current layout is ideal for two.

Built to accommodate up to 8 stand up paddle boards, two mountain bikes, and plenty of gear for any outdoor endeavor, it is also beautifully finished with laminate zebra wood, leather seats, easy-to-maintain rubber flooring, a full galley & bath, and much more. The fact that its 170 Mercedes Sprinter chassis fits perfectly into a single parking space (it’s the same size as a full bed pickup truck) means that you can stealthily navigate tight urban environments as well as rugged backwoods roads. Devoid of low-lying farings and other parts that get in the way when you leave the pavement, VANdal won’t bottom out when you take the road less traveled. Whether you‚Äôre getting away for a weekend or a few months, to play or to relax, VANdal is the perfect multi-sport mobile base camp.

Why would we ever want to say goodbye to VANdal, you ask? Well, we have so fallen in love with the overlanding lifestyle that we are currently researching a more robust version to live aboard full-time. You can find our new travel blog at TwoIfOverland. There is nearly nothing we’d change about our existing van for the type of travel we currently do, which is weekend-long to several month long excursions. We’ve sold our home, though, and our future travels will take us to more extreme climates requiring additional storage capacity. Ask us more.

Check out some of VANdal’s features here on our blog and be sure to view our flickr albums for even more images of VANdal in use.

Asking Price: $99,900
Mileage: 76,438
Specs: Mercedes Sprinter 170, automatic transmission, diesel
Special Features: European cartridge system toilet, 40 gallon freshwater tank, hot water heater, heavy duty roof racks, upgraded LED front lights, swivel leather bucket heated seats, king size bed, full galley, etc. [more]
Average MPG: 18-19 (with boards and gear on top racks)
Delivery: We can arrange delivery anywhere in the US. If the van currently isn’t in your vicinity, we can arrange a Skype or FaceTime remote tour.

Interior Features
interior gallery
Exterior Features
exterior gallery
Contact & Pricing
contact & pricing
livingVANdal blog
livingVANdal blog

Detailed Spec List
detailed spec list
 Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 5.07.14 PM
about outside van

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